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"L'amore per la mia e l'altra lingua.."



Barbara Aschwanden-Cavenago

Qualified Translator & Interpreterer

  • Graduated translator-interpreter for the German and English language, Italian mother tongue                                                           (1993 - School for Interpreters and Translators S.S.I.T., Italy).

  • Continued professional development online (PROZ + European School of Translation), at the University of applied sciences in Winterthur (ZHAW - 2010), at the Federal Chancellery in Bern (TERMDAT - 2016).

  • Intercultural Interpreter & Intermediator for AOZ (Asylum Organisation Zurich) Medios. Continuing education: "Interpreting for school psychology services in Canton Zurich". "Interpreting in the maternity clinic". "Metabolic diseases". "Health-care interpreting: terminology". "Supervision".

  • Tourguide for FIFA World Football Museum, Zurich Enge in the Italian, German and English language.

  • Negotiation and consecutive interpreting at fairs, cultural and international sporting events, for Italian companies in the German part of Switzerland and in Germany, as well as for foreign companies in Italy; tour leader on board cruise ships and on land.


       German / English  >  Italian


       I would be more than happy to send you my CV should you require more detailed information.

The main target language of adArte is > ITALIAN


Thanks to our extensive network of qualified, native speaker translators, adArte is also able to offer language services into and from other languages.


>  German
>  English
>  French

>  Spanish


In this case, we carry out accurate Quality Management, in order to assure the quality of the product and of the service.

In order to guarantee uniformity in your project’s language, adArte uses the memory software SDL Trados 2017, when required.


  • Gastronomy (menus)

  • Tourism

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Commerce

  • Official documents (court judgments, divorce sentences, official notifications, birth, heritage certificates, tax return forms, etc.)


Translation & Transcreation


Text revision

Does your source text use a specific business language? Or a more modern colloquial language? Do you need a translation of a challenging specialized text? Whatever your needs are: adArte translations and transcreations are well written and meticulously tailored through the use of lexical subtleties.

Review of the target text in terms of inconsistencies, imprecise choice of words, phrases and sentence structure to ensure that it is well written and in conformity with the source text.



Precise checking of spelling, grammar, punctuation, numbering, typography and layout.


Sworn translations

Supplied signature (B.A.C.) as an accredited translator at the General Italian Consulate in Zurich, for the translation of documents to be authenticated.

Negotiation interpreting takes place between two parties that speak different languages, which could be two people, an individual and a small group, or two small groups. It is performed in a two-way manner.  In consecutive interpreting, the translator refers to what is said from the speaker and conveys it into the other language based on their own notes.


Negotiation &

Consecutive interpreting




adArte also writes texts in Italian taking into consideration your specific requirements. Through research and clear use of appropriate terminology, adArte composes your texts based on your needs.

Reliability, precision, a good intuition for the customer’s needs and a correct choice of vocabulary and terminology. The above mentioned qualities have helped me to build solid business relationships with long-term clients, mainly in the areas of gastronomy, tourism, human resources, marketing, commerce and official documents.

My most loyal customers include: SV (Schweiz) AG, ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich, L&W Communication AG, Italian Consulate Zurich, various Lawyer's offices, SIGMA ONLINE, AOZ (Asylum Organisation Zurich), Zurich Tourism, FIFA Museum AG.

Satisfied customers, guaranteed commissions!
076 508 21 66
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

SV (Schweiz) AG

Training & Development Department:


"Barbara Aschwanden has been translating our internal training texts for our staff in Ticino since the beginning of 2008. She is very service-oriented, flexible and accurate. It is thanks to her attention to detail in her work that we can look back on a long-standing partnership and we are more than happy to continue our professional relationship with her in the future".

Marcel Zurbuchen

Coordinator Partner Organization, financial services department ETH in Zurich

"The adArte team translates menus and some other gastronomic texts from German into English for the website of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Excellent and consistent translation quality, punctuality and reliability: that’s why we count on adArte services".

Evelyn von Wieser

General management L&W Communication AG, Zurich

"Barbara Aschwanden makes the impossible possible! We are able to count on her for swift but reliable translations day and night - especially in our key field of crisis communication mandates. Ms. Aschwanden translates excellently, she also responds very well to pressure".


The prices are based on ASTTI (Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters) recommendations and are exclusive of VAT (tax exemption).


  • The price of a translation always depends on various factors:

  • the source and target language

  • the level of difficulty

  • the project’s size

  • the frequency of the commitments

Additional fee for urgent (within 24 hours) and weekend assignments: 25% to 100%

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Working hours

We are available most weekdays from 8:00 to 19:00.  Do you need more information?

Just give us a call!



Do you need a quotation?


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