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Dipl. Italiensich Übersetzerin und Dolmetscherin

"La traduzione è un magico crocevia, una vera potenza espressiva, un ponte tra culture diverse."


Italian is my mother toungue and advertising in all its fine distinctions and scopes is my main area of translation expertise. Ranging from ads to websites, cars to tourism and radio to TV.

You can count on quality work thanks to my strong linguistic sensitivity in addition to a creativity in language adaptation and communicative use of the Italian language.

I back up these qualities with extensive international experience, a Translator's Bachelor degree and several language and specialisation courses in Europe as well as in the USA.

  • 3-year Translator's Bachelor degree from the School of Translators and Interpreters S.S.I.T. (now Carlo Bo) in Milan for the languages German / English >> Italian

  • Several language and specialisation courses in the USA, England, Irland, Germany und Switzerland.

  • Professional trainings, seminars and workshops:

       - Professional online trainings (PROZ)

       - Successfully self-employed (ESW)

       - Google workshops (Net Pulse)

       - Training course for Authorities and Courts Interpreting (Caritas Zurich).

German / English / French  >>  Italian

The main target language of adArte is >> ITALIAN


Thanks to our extensive network of qualified, native speaker translators, adArte is also able to offer language services into and from other languages.


>  German
>  Englisch
>  French

>  Spanish


In this case, we carry out accurate Quality Management, in order to assure the quality of the product and of the service.

In order to guarantee uniformity in your project’s language, adArte uses the memory software SDL Trados, when required.

Please contact us directly for specific language requests.


  • Traditional advertising

  • Radio and TV commercials

  • Advertisements

  • Websites

  • Tourism

  • Marketing

  • Gastronomy 

  • Automotive Industry

  • Commerce

  • Hotellery

  • Food

  • etc.


Translation & Transcreation

Does your source text use a specific business language? Or a more modern colloquial language? Do you need a translation of a challenging specialized text? Whatever your needs are: adArte translations and transcreations are well written and meticulously tailored through the use of lexical subtleties.


Text editing

According to your specific requirements,

adArte also writes texts in Italian. Through research and clear use of appropriate terminology, adArte composes your texts following your needs.


Text revision

To ensure that your text is well written, it will be reviewed in terms of inconsistencies, imprecise choice of words, phrases and sentence structures. 



Precise checking of spelling, grammar, punctuation, numbering, typography and layout.


Nagotiation and Consecutive Interpreting

Negotiation interpreting takes place between two parties that speak different languages, which could be two people, an individual and a small group, or two small groups. It is performed in a two-way manner.  In consecutive interpreting, the translator refers to what is said from the speaker and conveys it into the other language based on own notes.

a passion!
076 413 47 47
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Advertising Agencies


Metzger Rottmann Bürge Partner AG, Byheart, Jung von Matt (Zürich und Hamburg), Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Lesch + Frei, Wirz, ErdmannPeisker, Hesskiss, Paroli, Flyerline, PanCom, Reinhold Werbeagentur, Weber, Hodel, Schmid etc.



I have been working as a translator, predominately in the field of traditional advertising, since 1998. My clientele includes advertising agencies and direct clients. In addition to some important agencies and the names of some clients, you can also find some publications in different areas right here below.

Flyerline Schweiz AG, Manor, Suzuki, Aduno, Ilardo & Partner Asset Management AG, Softub Int., Camille Bloch, Vitaclic, Accarda AG, Emmi, Manormagazin, Beobachter, Swiss Photo Award, Lista AG, Kaba, Bucherer, Denner Reisen, Hotelplan, M-Travel, Aduno, OBI, HUG AG, BAG, Aids-Hilfe Schweiz, Invalidenversicherung, Rivella (Launchkampagne Rivella Gialla), Feldschlösschen, Landesmuseum, Schweiz Tourismus, Concast AG, Migros, Softub, SRG SSR idéee suisse, Electrolux, ProJuventute, Harley Davidson,  ResponsAbility, Slow Food, Mazda, Mini, Chevrolet, Micro Compact Car, Deutschland (smart), DaimlerChrysler Schweiz (smart), Lexus, Deutsche Bahn (City Night Line), Siemens Mobile, Sunrise, Cablecom, Electrolux, Veet, Swisscard, American Express, XL Capital, Banca del Gottardo, Winterthur Versicherungen, Migrol, Denner, Oviesse, Medidata, Darvida, BAT (British American Tobacco), Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, IKEA, Hapimag, Homegate, Water&Relax, Partner Hotels Europe etc.



Do you need a quotation?



Following prices are based on ASTTI (Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters) recommendations and are exclusive of VAT (tax exemption).

The price of a translation always depends on various factors:

  • the source and target language

  • the level of difficulty

  • the project’s size

  • the frequency of the commitments

Additional fee for urgent works (within 24 hours) and weekend orders: 25% to 100%

Do you need a quotation?

Working hours

We are available most weekdays from 8:00 to 19:00

Do you need more information? 0764134747

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